Includes: 1 Free Alternate Version (Clean Version, Instrumental Version, Radio Edit, Accapella, etc...)
Additional Alternate versions: $25/Song
Also includes:  Mastered for Itunes, as well as  DDP for CD release. 

Revisions Policy: Up to 1 Revision/song included in Pricing.

Clear Communication on what aspects of the Master need to be adjusted is a must. 
If we come to the conclusion that changes in the original mix are needed to meet your vision of the final master, the new mix will be billed as a separate master. 
Before we start any mastering, I will, of course, evaluate the mixes in the context of client expectations and relay any concerns in order to potentially avoid such scenarios.

Test Master Policy:
One test Master can be requested before the agreement to begin billed Mastering.
The test will be delivered as a ‘snippet’ (i.e. less than the full length of a song).

Payment Policy: 

In person payment, checks, Paypal or Venmo are accepted.

Checks payable to: 

Paris Minzer

Mailing Address:
420 S. San Pedro St. #211
LA, CA 90013
Venmo Address:
Paypal Address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LLC / Corporate payments are due within 90 days of receipt of Invoice.
Non-LLC / New clients must make a 50% deposit before Mastering.
Final 50% Due upon receipt of Masters.
Non-LLC / Repeat clients no deposit required to begin Mastering.

Attended Sessions Policy: 

You are welcome to attend the entire mastering session in Los Angeles.
The cost is an additional $50/song.
Listening session (for material already Mastered) is free.
This includes the input for final LP sequencing.
Check for scheduling Availability.



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